Are Beyonce and Donald Glover Collaborating on Music?!

Ahhhh - I love that picture!! Ok so as you know Queen Bey is going to be in the live action version of The Lion King. She will be playing Nala and her co-star is Donald Glover who will be playing Simba. 

A log of people were wondering (mainly me) if this version was going to feature the songs from the cartoon version, because lets be honest, The Lion King soundtrack is life and was played A LOT during my childhood! I even created a dance routine to the whole thing! 

Moving on...SO is it going to happen?! Will Beyonce bless us with her voice in the movie?! Well the answer is...YES!!! 

So the other day Billy Eichner (who is also in the movie, he plays Timon) was on Watch What Happens and he confessed that he hasn't met Beyonce but he does SING with her!!! 

YES!!! He goes on to say that he and Seth Rogen start the song and then it transitions into Beyonce and Donald singing the song! I CAN'T wait to hear it!! 

Side note, there will be one difference in this version - find out what it is HERE!

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