Damn, Is Ariana Grande Shooting Her Shot At Big Sean...AGAIN?!

Once upon a time Ariana Grande and Big Sean were the IT couple, but not all relationships last and both moved on...MAYBE! 

So as you know Ariana called off her engagement to Pete Davidson and now she's single. Well a few months ago when she dropped her single for "Thank You, Next" - not only did she talk about Sean in the song but in the music video there is a part where she says Sean can "still get it" - check it out below! Get a closer look HERE!

Well now Ariana is getting ready to drop her new album "Thank You, Next" apparently there is a track on there where she's dropping more lyrics that could be geared towards Sean! Ariana posted the track listing to her album the other day on her Instagram!

So check out that last track "break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored" - of course some people are speculating that this track could be aimed at Sean. We all know that Sean was in a relationship with Jhene Aiko, (it looks like they've broken up) - Now we could be reaching and maybe it's not about it, but the fact that she already put it out there that Sean can get it, makes us think that this could be about Sean. 

We'll have to wait and see when she drops the album February 8th!

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