Is Kylie Jenner Trolling Us Or Is She Really Married to Travis Scott?!

Ok Kylie and Travis...just give up already! For months now both Kylie and Travis have referred to the other as "Wife" or "Husband" - but then during a show Travis said that he and Kylie were not married or engaged and that when he proposes he needs it to be EPIC! 

Ok so maybe they just like calling each other that - BUT I don't know, it seems like calling each other that is a big deal and that you really should only call give that person the other title if it's true...OR if you've been together for like 10 years HAHA! 

So once again Kylie is making us believe that the two might have gotten married - check out her caption on her recent picture below! 

"extraño a mi esposo" - "I miss my husband"

I'm calling it now - I think they got married when Kylie was pregnant! 

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