Soulja Boy Thinks Ariana Grande Stole His Flow In Her New Song "7 Rings"

Soulja Boy has created quite a stir on social media with his recent interviews. Not only has the rapper claimed to “teach Drake everything he knows” he also went on to say that artists are copying a style, sound, and digital promotion that he created.

So with that in mind, Ariana Grande released her song for “7 Rings” and the Internet thinks that Soulja Boy may be right.

Twitter users who heard Ariana’s song quickly came to the conclusion that she had used his flow for “7 Rings,” comparing it to his song, “Pretty Boy Swag.”

Another Twitter user took it further saying that Ariana and Soulja Boy both stole the flow from The Sound of Music’s, “My Favorite Things.”

What do you think, does “7 Rings” sound like “Pretty Boy Swag?”

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