Women Threaten To Boycott J. Cole After This Tweet

To anyone who says "it's just social media" I'd like you to take a look at the tweet above because that's where it all started. 

A group of women are threatening to boycott J. Cole, they claim that he is "anti-women" and "sexist."




oh excuse me. I was trying to process how silly this was in my head.

I'm not blaming Ivie at all for her tweet, she was just asking a question and she even clarified she was JUST asking a question.

So here's how Twitter overreacted, they read the tweet and totally overreacted. 

As a woman and a HUGE J. Cole/Dreamville fan, I'd like to say chill out. This cannot be an issue. 

It's just weird how upset the smallest things.

To anyone who's "boycotting" J. Cole that just means you were never a fan to begin with. 

If you listen to him, his music, his interviews, you KNOW the kind of person he is and you know he has NOTHING against women.

... the man is working on dropping some amazing music for us, let him work and mind your business until then.


Here's how Twitter felt:

On another note, the album is almost here:

Love you Cole. :)

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