Did You Catch That Cameo In the New Spider-Man Trailer?

Soooooo Spider-Man comes back?! Ok so here's my thing, with this movie coming out after Avengers: Endgame we automatically think that Peter survives the movie, which means he comes back after being killed by Thanos! 

However we can't be too sure just yet that Spider-Man Far From Home comes after Avengers, maybe it takes place in some kind of space before all the Thanos stuff! 

BUT something I'm VERY VERY excited for is JAKE GYLLENHAAL!! Ahhhh - I have to admit it, I have a crush on him! I think he is such a crazy talented actor and picks amazing projects. I am a bit surprised that he decided to do a Marvel movie, but it just shows his range! YAY!!! 

Ok so now pause the trailer at 1:32, there is someone fighting a bad guy with Nick Fury, and TO ME, it looks like Captain Marvel! 

Want a break down of the Captain Marvel Trailer?? CLICK HERE!

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