How Did The News Get Out That Kim & Kanye Were Expecting a Baby?

So yes we knew that Kim and Kanye were going to have another baby, but neither Kim or Kanye confirmed the news...until now! 

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe were all on "Watch What Happens" and Kim confirmed the news that they are going to have a fourth! The best part of the story though is how the news got out! 

"I got drunk at our Christmas eve party and I told some people but I can't remember who I told cause I never get drunk..."

Not sure if you know this, but Kim doesn't really drink. But I would LOVE to see her drunk, get a little of that truth serum in her! 

Also Andy suggests that they name the baby Calabassas and she quickly says "Cali" as a name! I love ittttttt!!!! Cali would be a dope name! Probably better than my other suggestion! 

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