Did Cardi B Figure Out What They Were All Seeing In "Bird Box"???

So by now hopefully you've seen Bird Box on Netflix! Some people didn't like the movie but I on the other hand, really liked it! Well the other day Cardi attempted to watch the movie, but was a little confused because she had a hard time paying attention, which is understandable she's taking care of a baby!! 

Anyways, Cardi had a great reaction to the movie - and even figured out what everyone was seeing in the film! 

About halfway through the film, Cardi questions what everyone is "seeing." 

“What are they seeing bro? What’s making them want to kill themselves?”  - “I don’t fucking get it. Shit is getting me mad.”

Then she comes up with her own theory: 

“Are they fucking seeing their bills? I think motherfuckers is seeing their bills and that’s why they wanna fucking kill themself.”

HAHA!!! I doubt that's what they were really seeing, but leave it to Cardi to give us a good laugh!

But actually Sandra Bullock actually talked about what the Monster was going to look like! Scroll down below to find out!  

Ok so apparently there was going to be a scene in the movie that was going to show what the monster looked like but it got deleted. Sandra Bullock said that it was going to be a dream sequence and in the dream she saw the monster and she described it...

A Green Man with a horrific baby face!

 Apparently it was also snake like, so it was this long fat baby!

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