Future on "The WIZRD" Album, Finding Love + The GOAT of Trap Music

So we what's going down? 2019? I mean, we wake up and there's always a project where what's going down with you right now?

2019 my album coming up January 18. So that's first and then a documentary coming up in January.

 What is the documentary about?

The documentary is about me as they've been following me for like seven years. Oh, wow. Seven years. The cameras follow me like my kids. They like one years old and a seven and nine right now.

Did you know when they were following you that you were doing a documentary?

It started off as like a series and then it started going on if they followed me for like two years and they follow me on another tour. I first started on I forgot my first tour but it was like the Purple Rain tour and then after the Purple Rain so I went on like some

What is your perception on your journey thus far?

It just helped me to stay focused because even then I didn't know I was going to be here once you have that tunnel vision so many things that come along the way and just try to stop you from going to the next level of going to the next step or whatever you have to do just got to keep going.

We are now in gotcha mode we're now in want to see everybody burn and destroy. How did you not get so caught up in it and on social media do you fight back? 

I'm not even trying to fight Back just me being me. Because if you try to do something that you think is cool, and then everybody end up back in a bank fine, are you in the wrong way? Then you put yourself in a bad position. But anytime I speak out, I'm just speaking out being myself. I speak from a good place always have all have ill intentions with no one know anything that I do. So I know God in my mind, he recognized that so we always put me in great positions even when it's a bad position. 

Are you heavy on social media? Like do you read into any of the comments?

I haven't read comments in years. I got friends like my best friend she actually have my Instagram so she has everything but at the end of the day I don't read it.

With the album on its way. Who can we expect to hear on this album?

I don't have many features. Just 1

There was a rumor that it was Drake is that true? 

No not true

How do you select who you collaborate with?

It just depends on how the feel 

Do you get a lot of people even when you just walk in that say man we need to work together? How do you pick and choose who you work with?

It just happened organically you know i mean we might be in the same city at the same time we have same studio we just get a chance to work

Is there anyone that's been hitting you up to work with you and you say man I don't work with that person?

No, nobody hit me up and I said I wasn't gonna work with.

Is it different going into into your projects now being that we do have a catalog from future is it competition with yourself?

Definitely competition with myself you know i mean it just trying to but even with competition with myself it just like the work already been put in just about me maintain and I'm saying I already got everything is already set for me I raised the bar myself even for myself I took it to a level that I that I didn't spit so at this point you know I'm in this my last album out of my last do this to do that I started my last album finished

So what do you do once you get out of the so called record label situation is it all just future after that?

I already had another deal plan so is kicking in right right after this deal? Stop. So even with that is already set. It's like guarantee its like a basketball contract. I'm saying I've been in the game for 10 years. I didn't do seven hours is like my seventh album. So when they made the deal when we did the deal, it was a great deal.

Speaking of being in in 10 years and seven album like we're in the business now. Where you kind of here today gone tonight.  How does one not get caught up in the you know, I'm done with that person. Because we were real fickle.

Not chasing chasing that high. You know, I'm saying just wait for your time to come back around and just keep working.

But you got your own lane to you. Don't I'm saying like, like, and it's crazy. Because when you hear future I know that that's future it even when I felt like like, you know, there was future sound like, you know what I'm saying? Like, they're just a sound that you have. That should be untouchable. You know what I'm saying? And I think that that's why you're in a position where we only get one, know saying and every time we go to the whale we got to go to go to your well to drink it.

Yeah, I mean, and even with the music the tempo because I was just to the temple and I was scared it put crush it out. I was like, yeah, the tempo crazy but like you say, me having my own lane. It helps it so when I put it out to music, just shift towards me. Now everybody want to do this kind of side? 

Why did you do that? 

Because I just want to see Can I do it? Like, am I am I dead? Like Am I dead and touch it. But like you said, Do I really have that power do I Am I really that do that. Just Just stay in my head. I have my own lane, my own substance of music, my own way of doing things. So if I do it my own way to gravitate towards it.

Does it bother for you. When when fans don't want their favorite artists to grow or evolve or try new things

It don't frustrate me because it's just people just have an opinion everyone has a pain but that's why I say you got to have tunnel vision one thing things might be not going right for you today because you know it's the end of the light like you got to think about four months from now so all your move they can't see your moves right away so I they don't see what I'm doing for 2019. So they like man What is he doing? What is he doing? I don't mean make a move just because you get antsy and the people just not patient enough you make the wrong move. You gotta wait you know says patience.

Was there any pressure on you as an artist being that you grew up around the Dungeon Family and how did that have an influence on you? 

I cross branded myself wide and brand myself as I began because everybody was gonna be like, only reason you here because the history isn't it? I just made my own name and done the feminine just something to add to your repertoire.But it took many before I even knew that Rico way. Like it wasn't like, oh, presents. You know, I'm saying like, or do you get you get ushered in. You know what I'm saying?I wanted to be a success or like something that build up and it just get new every time you talked to me something new, you find out something new about me instead of when you first come into game. You get everything on the plate from the due

Cats from the Dungeon Family do they look at you right now and be like God damn?

Yeah, yeah, we got way to just like he like a father figure to me. Yes. And it's my cousin. That's my blood. Because the end the day we have we haven't even worked on music I don't know

Your free wishes foundation. Why is that something that's important for you?

It's always good to give back. Because I feel like anytime you're in a position would you have success and just give him back. He's just like this charity thing. I love it. It's something I want to do is come from my heart and anything like somebody has to force me to do something I want to do on do I take pride in doing it.

I just think that is so many people don't get to see that side of many artists. You know, a lot of people like to talk about all the bad stuff and never looked into like what they do and giving back to their communities.

But I was not the people just paying you so it is don't even matter. That's why I say like, the comments and things certain things people are just so in tune with it don't matter because once you give him back that person understand they did it. That's the life you're trying to change and trying to give. I want to give something to you expecting the big board to be happier about

Do you feel like that because some people they do kind of say I did it I made it out I'm good. You know what I'm saying? As opposed to continuing to turn back was there was this anytime growing up that you seen like not either assistance or you saw somebody who's like man like that that person really came back for us to.

Yeah, but I'm just like, from from when I'm when I grew up. My uncle used to take care of me close my grandmother it was hustling they always take care of me make sure I was good. I have new shoes or no I'm sounds like my uncle. He went to jail. My shoes. Probably my shoe game fell off day you got you might get a friend of some pull up. Give me some shoes or whatever. But when he got back, we got out of jail. He always kept refreshing. I got like 13. He's like, Man, you gotta hustle your own. Yeah.

When you did hustle? How did you not get extremely caught up?

I was always caught up. One point of my life I'm saying then when it just it stop it happening more. So I just moved on.

Do you hear the hit before we hear the hit?

It just happened as I go along when making a song because I'm using just freestyle here to be going along just did you

Let's say like mask off, five times platinum. Did you know that that record was going to be what it is? 

We didn't i didn't know mask off was gonna be a hit because we wasn't gonna put it on the album. How did it get on the album? I didn't know after that out there was already like number one. That's when I found that also y'all kind of released it as just now he put it on the album because it was the only album that it was it was only the only song on my album that wasn't that didn't have to check out version so we've picking out my a&r he was telling me he was like we're not gonna put any songs on the album if it's not tricked out data never know it wasn't tracked out and we found out it had a sample in it oh my god it was gone for real yeah I'm like at a sample but it was already a number one record by the time

Explain to me what tracked out mean?

It's like you got the snare you go you got it awesome trekked out like a separate track so it almost didn't make it it almost didn't make

Explain your lifestyle.

A lot of people misunderstand me basically. Damn. That 75% they come some time different way than I am. You know, I'm saying off perception enough image and at time I embraced it. Because it was like I didn't want to change your perception of me. I just got to embrace it and become because I become I become fear and I want to fear and the thing so anytime you fear something you just want to become you're going to get over your fears. So I'm braced to people for that person that you might think I am because I feel like this was just gonna care of me on like, Dan is crazy way to think but it just like doing such songs. Like real sisters and saying down time like you got two sisters at the same time. You got these girls girls? Girls, Girls Girls. He would like to have become the image that's what you love about me. If I say I'm in love nobody like I hear you.

Are you love right now? 


You did say though that you sacrificed true love to live the lifestyle that you could never thought you could imagine. Do you think that one day you will be able to fall in love?

It's just so hot right now with me and my my career like my career now is like everyone have a motive notes and like I can pick a girl I want I can pick a regular girl and be like I want to be with us she already got a motive because I always like me reaching going back I go back a step you might be going starting your career my career started so now everything that you do in your life automatically becomes I have to take care of it I gotta do this I gotta do this. So it's just like do I want that for my life? You know I mean or do I just want to take care of me and just save whatever I do is whatever I do you know I'm saying because anybody that I beat with I'm how to do the same but then even if you date someone that has such a high profile and they become self it because the world is so involved in that relationship like a high profile I wouldn't even I wouldn't even be interested in and it's the came to me yeah became to me then is cool but I want to just go and look for it like oh that's a girl I like to go to see what part is yet like I'm not chasing because I understand what I want something real homeowners fake like all the time we have is when we post pitches yeah yeah we have beers when people come in and they like when the cameras off you're mad at each other. I'm living the best life now. My life is my only life this man I come from nothing I'm enjoying this shit

As you should man continue to throw your dick a party.

You know I gotta stop. I gotta stop man I gotta I gotta tell you how come because like I say every group every girl be having a different most of my other kids keep you know I'm saying different motives man like it's crazy.

If I put seven seconds on the clock. Could you name all your kids? and seven seconds? 


Oh, no. So a second then his head. Right? Yeah, come on, do it. But you know, I come from a family of seven. You know what I'm saying? And we don't have families like that in the past. You don't. I'm saying like, like, it seems like you enjoy you. Enjoy your kids.

Yeah, enjoy. My kids are building my legacy. Like a hustle for my last name. You got to understand what you have a girl to give away your last name, my size. I'm just thinking about where we got all our last name is gonna be huge. When like, 50 years, 60 years from now. You're going to speak of me? You don't speak of my legacy. And that's what you do. What this is what I worked for. Why would you work have all this and have all this? It says just to leave you with one kid. And then something happened. And you just is is no more. That's why I have so much music light and so many businesses and so much going on. For myself. It's just building my foundation of building my legacy up but also building my kids up, remain and they keep they keep keep everything going. 

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