The Originally Ending For "Bird Box" Was WAY More Twisted! What Changed?

In one week the Netflix movie Bird Box was streamed over 45 million times! Making it a record breaking debut for the streaming service. And we don't need to go into the details of what that number really means because you guys all saw the memes about the movie. A LOT OF PEOPLE WATCHED IT!! 

Well Anyways, so before Netflix made Bird Box it was a book and apparently the ending in the book was VERY different from what we saw on the screen! 

******* If you want to read the book - STOP READING THIS!!! *******

So in the book Marlorie still makes it to the sanctuary but she discovers that everyone has blinded themselves to stay safe! Basically you're saying they've ripped out their eyes! EWWWWW

So why did they not do that in the movie version?! Well the film's director said that most of her movies always end on an uplifting note and that version was too dark! 

Even though I didn't mind the ending, I wouldn't have minded that ending either, it would have made the movie so much more freakier haha! 

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