Offset’s Stepdad Speaks Out & Calls Cardi B a "Hot-Headed Female"

Offset's dad has put in his two cents after the breakup of his stepson and Cardi B. 

"Social media is a powerful tool, but certainly no place for family situations," Offset's dad Tony Cephus said. "My son's wife doesn't seem to understand that. She seems to want to take everything to social media without regard to the devastation it has on others." 

His father went on to say that his son isn't perfect, but says that it's his duty to protect him. 

Cephus also says that Cardi isn't helping the situation calling her a "hot-headed female that thrives off of social media attention." 

But I don't blame Cardi at all for posting a picture of her daughter, she's hurt and has every right to be. I would be in pieces. 

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