Is Childish Gambino Telling The Truth About Never Doing Another Show Again?

Remember a few months ago when Childish Gambino hurt his leg and had to postpone some shows in LA?! Well after some rest Childish Gambino finally got to perform in LA and his fans were so excited! However apparently during his show he said

"If you bought a ticket to tonight's show, you bought a ticket to the last Childish Gambino show ever and I love you for that!"

Of course we've heard for some time that Childish Gambino had plans to retire "Childish Gambino" - it doesn't necessarily mean that Donald Glover was going to stop making music, but just that his alter ego "Childish Gambino" would stop. 

But was this REALLY the last show ever?! Technically YES, that could have been the last show ever...except he still has some tour dates in London next year. AND it won't be the last time we see him perform because rumor has it he will be headlining one of the nights at Coachella!!! 

So I think we'll still get a few more Childish Gambino shows, but next year we will also finally get to see The Lion King where Donald is playing Simba!

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