How Many Of These Neflix Shows Did You Binge?

We're getting ready to close out 2018 and we have to look back and see what were the biggest and best of 2018 and that's why Netflix released their list of the Most Binged Shows of the Year!

I binged four of these shows, which isn't too bad because I spend a lot of time watching TV HAHA! 

1. On My Block

2. Making a Murderer: Part 2

3. 13 Reasons Why: Season 2

4. Last Chance U: INDY

5. Bodyguard

6. Fastest Car

7. The Haunting of Hill House

8. Anne with an E: Season 2

9. Insatiable

10. Orange Is the New Black: Season 6

Netflix had a lot of movies this year and here were the top three

1. The Kissing Booth

2. Roxanne Roxanne 

3. To All The Boys I Ever Loved

If you love Rom Com's PLEASE go watch "To All the Boys I Ever Loved" - I fell in love with this movie and have watched it so many times, plus go watch "Dumplin" & "When We First Met." They are both really cute! 

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