Chris Brown Responds To Cardi B Dating Rumors With Instagram Post

Are Chris Brown and Cardi B going to be an item? 

To be completely honest, I really don't think they are. That's just me though! 

 Cardi B recently announced she's getting a divorce from her husband, Offset, and that's when the rumors began!

According to sources, Chris Brown was planning on "shooting his shot" with Cardi B. 

Again, this is according to SOURCES... we don't know who these sources are! 

How does Chris Brown really feel about this?

The other day on his Instagram story he shared a video of a boy saying, "Please, I don't have any time for any gossip now."

It's safe to assume that Chris Brown isn't planning on shooting his shot with Cardi B. 

Chris Brown Shoots His Shot At Cardi B  - Thumbnail Image

Chris Brown Shoots His Shot At Cardi B

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