Chrissy Teigen Jumps In On The "King of R&B" Debate!

So the other day Jacquees declared himself the "King of R&B" - and it threw Twitter into a fit! Of course some people agreed BUT other people were crowning other people as the King! Like Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Prince etc. 

BUT It was Chrissy Teigen that had to bring up her Husband!!! DUH!! C'mon, John Legend for sure is a king. He has one of the BEST voices around and has given us tracks like All of Me, Love Me Now and Ordinary People...and there are so many more to name! BUT first, check out Jacquees' video first...then see what Chrissy & John had to say!! 

Is Chrissy right?! Is John Legend the King of R&B?? If not...who is?? Send me a Tweet with your answer...@Natalia11

BTW - Chrissy Teigen's Dad got a Tattoo of her face! Check it out below!

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