Cardi B. Calls Out Those Who Say Her Divorce is A "Publicity Stunt."

Last week Cardi B. revealed that she and Offset were getting a divorce and I can't even front, I FOR sure was hoping and thinking it was all fake! It just seemed like the perfect time since Offset's album is dropping this week! Part of me was hoping it was fake and sometime after the holidays, they would reveal that they were back together! 

I believed that up until Cardi went on IG live and called out everyone who thought she was doing this as a publicity stunt!

I'm sorry Cardi, but just know, it came from a place of wanting you two to work out! Check out what else Cardi said below!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

And while Cardi is on IG Live confirming the divorce, Offset is over here tweeting messages like this...

Don't cheat and then you won't have to send out tweets like that!

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