Offset's Mistress Apologizes To Cardi B!

So despite the fact that Cardi B said that her and Offset just "fell out of love" there seems to be another reason for the split! 

Apparently when Cardi B saw that Offset was texting with Summi Bunni and trying to get a threesome going with her and Cuban Doll just sent Cardi over the edge! Especially for the fact that Cuban Doll is another female rapper who apparently tries to rap like Cardi! 

Well now Summi Bunni is trying to apologize to Cardi B for messing with Offset! 


How are you going to say you didn't know how "serious" there marriage was??? It's MARRIAGE! I don't care what anyone says, Marriage is the most serious!! 

You're just upset that people are upset with you for being a part of their break up!

Below is a photo of Summi Bunni!!! 

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