Eminem Raps About Ariana Grande In New Freestyle "Kick Off"

Eminem is producing a movie about the rap battle culture called "Bodied" and he recently dropped a freestyle, "Kick Off" inspired by it.

The entire track is about 11 mins long and he goes IN!

It's pretty brutal with some disturbing lyrics, but we wanted the real Slim Shady and we got him!

I'm always left so impressed and speechless by his music, he's so talented!

On the track he raps about Ariana Grande's May 2017 concert in Manchester where a terrorist bombing killed 23 people, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and more. (Take a listen above for a quick recap)

Take a listen:

At the end of this track he uses the same line he used in his song "Kill You:"

 - "Oh, and I’m just playin' ladies, you know I love you"

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