Did You Know About This iPhone Trick?!


Let us teach you a new iPhone trick - it will blow your mind!!! PLUS on the latest edition of Big Boy Uncut we talk about Tekashi 6ix9ine getting arrested!! At the time we did Big Boy Uncut it hadn't come out yet that he could be facing 25 years behind bars!

Lets be honest, we all love iPhone hacks and commands. I don't know how many of you didn't know this one hack but when read it and tried it, it blew my mind! Sorry for anyone that doesn't have an iPhone, but this is for iPhone's and when you're texting. So you know when you make a mistake so you put your cursor where you want to edit yourself and then you have to drag your cursor yourself....welllllllll APPARENTLY you can hold down the space bar and it will move the cursor for you. Check out this message below and try it for yourself!



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