Vince Staples Full Interview Inside Big Boy's Neighborhood.

We have Vince Staples in Big Boys Neighborhood. He talks about his FM!, love life, always being sober, Mac Miller, and how he got into music. Watch full interview below!

How did you decide to ask Big Boy to be on your album? 

He wanted to make it like a radio show. He didn't wanna come across as using somebody. 

Did you think Big Boy was gonna say no? 

He wasn't gonna ask at first. He didn't wanna ask Big at first. Big would be hurt if he wasn't asked 

When did you move here? 

 He got kicked out of Mayfair and went to another high school, then went to Anaheim. His mom said he was gonna do some stupid SHIT so his mom had him move to Atlanta. He went to A LOT of high schools! He went to La Palma High School... They told him to dropout. His mom has no faith in the school system. They told him some BULLSHIT so he was running around with nothing to do. He was at the point where he didn't know how to make income and wasn't gonna sell no drugs or SHIT. That's how he got into rapping. He wasn't getting no shows. His homies were beating people up and SHIT. Then he met Earl and MAC. Mac taught him how to make music, at 17. He's now 25. 

Why "FM!"? What does FM mean? 

 Louie & Ayyde didn't know, Natalia got it. Come On Louie, we already went through this! His title stands for nothing, it stands for nothing but everything at the same time. To him it meant hearing Snoop on the radio or listening to callers from Long Beach. 

When you record do you leave the clutter out? 

 Growing up he didn't really listen to music because of how you had to get music. 

Where did you find your voice at? 

 They recorded for about a year or year and a half when he went to Def Jam.

Why don't you subscribe to how hip-hop sounds and looks right now?

 A lot of people didn't get to live a life when they were younger. They're finding themselves, he had time to figure himself out when he was a kid running around. He never had to "fit" in. He never didn't have friends. He was just a badass kid. When he started making music he found himself. His mom was making no more than $25k a year with 4 kids. They were middle class, his mom was hustling. 

What's your position with mom now?

 She texted him an Oprah meme today. t's photoshopped but his mom thought it was real. He later calls his mom on air. His mom Yg's, Nipsey's and Mustard's will take on 5 rappers moms. 

I see how you get yourself in a lot of trouble in interviews & SHIT. Who's idea was to say you're gonna quit rapping, it was an intern from Def Jam? 

 He hopes she got a full time job somewhere because you know how record labels do it. He forgot about her name.

What happened to the GoFundMe page?

 He gave it back and gave it to a GoFundMe page. He gave them $10k! 

Big reads something he said in another interview... "A lot of rappers are whores. Are you a hip-hop WHORE"?

 He is not a whore... But doesn't want to get married. He says getting married is like snitching. He understands some people want to tell but he just doesn't want to tell.

Vince where do you live? 

 Orange Countyish. He can't move the valley area because Ne-Yo, Scott Disick, Blac Chyna. Everyone lives over there. He would have to get his car washed when he goes to Whole Foods so he's not this dusty ninja. For his well-being he has to be around regular person.

Do you date now? 

 Yes but any girl he's with, he's not going to get married. Just be honest that he wants to show off. He explains why he wouldn't want to get married. That's like snitching. 

 Have you ever told a girl you love her? 

 All the time. He was dating the same girl his whole life but it didn't work out. He didn't cry when they broke up. Why did they break up? Music. Who called it off? Mutual. He asked Corey to co-sign that nothing happened between his ex.

Do you like kids? 

 He fucks with the kids (he points at MJ's picture on the wall) and says he doesn't FUCK with the kids. He said MJ's jawline looks crazy. He'll punch a kid in the face if he acts hard. He'll sock his kids. He doesn't mind putting his hands. 

Did you see what happened in Maywood? 

 He explains what he would say if he was a teacher. He would tell him to meet him outside. 

How did you decide who was going to be apart of the album? 

 He called Big Boy and asked who he was cool with? Kehlani was pregnant at the time. They gave her advice for names, Vincent and Corey. 

Isn't it a good feeling that people wanted more songs from you? 

 He doesn't like long projects. He grew up with Wayne & Kanye but they were 11 songs that were 5mins. You waiting for Kanye to drop his album? He doesn't wait for any songs now. He doesn't listen to music like that. 

Did you purposely pay tribute on your album cover? 

 He doesn't like Green Day. And doesn't know who they are.

Mac Miller. That's his homie. He knows his whole family. Do you remember the first time you met? 

 He recalls meeting him and how Mac thought he was talented and 2 days later he picked him up from the ghetto. 

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