It's Not Tough, Vote For Stuff!

Diddy has been pretty involved in these recent midterm elections and his shirt says it all! VOTE or DIE!! GO DO IT!!! 

While I was on my way to work I heard someone say "Don't Vote! If you're not passionate or it doesn't mean much to do, just DON'T Vote!" and he was serious! It wasn't this reverse psychology stuff and it made me so angry because that isn't the message that should be pushed out there! 

Look I'm not going to tell you HOW to vote, I just think it's important to VOTE! People fought for the right to vote, in some countries you don't get to vote, and when we all don't know crazy things happen! SO VOTE!! 

CLICK HERE to find your Polling Place!

CLICK HERE to Learn About the Propositions! 

CLICK HERE for a Sample Ballot!

AND CLICK HERE for Even More Voter Information!

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