Anderson Paak Talks About Being Signed to Dr. Dre, New Album, and More!

We have Anderson Paak in Big Boy's Neighborhood! He's signed to Dr, Dre, plays drums, sings, and doesn't have face tattoos. Dr. Dre hasn't worked with anyone as close as he did with Eminem until Anderson Paak came along. Full video interview coming soon! 

How do you feel about Dre being behind you? 

Mutual respect with Dr Dre. 

Who gives in with you two?

He doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to do cause he is rich. He gets opportunities to work with other people and he told me along time go they go with anybody but it's like a vibe and also too a lot of artist down with being coached our vocal produced and all the stuff. A lot of artist think they know what they are doing already. They don’t want to spend time doing 40 takes on a verse.

Is Dre still meticulous?

It depends. If you can get it done to what he is hearing and you know what he wants then it don’t take forever. It’s like a vibe. He doesn't think Dre has worked with anyone as closely as him since Eminem which is a huge honor. Dre does the beats for him and produces for him and works behind the boards.

How is your hearing working with Dre?

It's loud but its clear because he has top of the line speakers.

Why was it so important for you to pay homage to your hometown? 

He was going up the coast and he started with Venice and Malibu so naturally he thought hey he's from Oxnard and Dre signed him so he wanted to represent where he was from. He takes everything he learned from outside his hometown city and is now coming back and showing them what he learned.

Is there added pressure now? 

It's easier and harder. He has a budget now. 

How did you get into music? 

His mom and older sisters were always into music. He started playing drums first. 

How old were you when you first began playing drums? 

He was 12.

Why did you want to be a drummer early on? 

He was going to quit in 6th grade when he was in the marching band. 

Where you rapping as well as playing drums? 

Everyone was rapping. That was second nature, everyone was breakdancing.

How many songs are really in his vault?

About a million. 65,000. What's the process? How do you get these songs? They go on tour and make the music.

There's a theory that two albums are on the way, is that true? 

Ventura would be the next one. 

How do you pick who gets to be on the album?

Strictly legends. 

Did you and Kendrick actually work in the studio together?

NEVER. Big said "Kendrick stop BULLSHITTING." Kendrick you're doing everything right. 

Have you got a feature you didn't want it?

Yup. That's happened to him a couple of times. 

How do you break the news? 

Blame DRE.

How important is the live show to you?

It's everything. People need lit shows in their life. A lot of people don't know how to perform anymore, they're used to things sound bad. 

What did Mac Miller mean to you? 

He felt like a real friend. They made one record and it was Anderson's favorite record. But they were real life friends. Mac was always there for anything he needed. Mac found a way to meet everybody from legends to Soundcloud artists. Anderson told a story about meeting Mac Miller in Paris. 

Where were you when you got word that Mac Miller passed?

 Did you feel that you were only gonna have Mac Miller for so long? He thinks about the good times now, he was talking to him the night before. That was his first loss that really impacted him. 

How do you bring J. Cole on a track? 

He pulls up in his basketball shorts looking crazy. He's the most down to earth person you'll ever meet. They went on tour together. He wants to be like a Kendrick or Cole who made it by being themselves. When he's in the studio with them he's learning and doesn't say SHIT. Sometimes he wants to throw the autotune on and he wants to make timeless music. Some music that were hits are now "old" even if it was a year old it sounds like "shit." Some movies were dope before and we'll look at it now and you'll be like 'WTF were you wearing?" 

Do you miss your kids? 

They're coming on the road with him now! 

What kind of dad are you?

SHIT he's learning from him. He was on tour and he's like oh SHIT you're walking? His mom takes care of him. 

What are you doing for the holidays? 

Working. Eating and working. His mom is in Atlanta so they're going to visit her. His mom is on time out because she owes the casinos. 

What do your kids wants to do?

 He wants to work at 7-11. Bigs kids went to 7-11 for the first time this year. His son is very creative and isn't afraid to be weird. His son isn't getting a phone for a while. He doesn't want his son to be like him, always on it. He uses his phone in the studio too. Next album he's gonna get a paper pad. You wanna autocorrect. NINJAS don't know how to spell, they talk in memes now. 

If LeBron James puts your music on his IG it's special how do you feel that he put your song "tint" on his IG? 

It felt amazing, almost like the radio playing the record. 

Who's your NBA team?


Do you smoke do you drink? 

This album, yeah. He was going through a lot. 

Dre has only been on like two tours his whole career. *** (HE said NINJAS again.) 

Where do you like performing?

Anywhere the check clears.

Do you trip off of where the world is it at now?

He likes it. He encourages people to vote saying “it's very important”. Before Trump he wasn't hip to voting and how things happened. A lot of people talk a gang of SHIT. Anderson Paak said Meek Mill should've done what he wanted to do, that's what he did. He talks about Prison Reform: his mom was in prison for 7 years. A blue collard case. Taxes. He feels it could've destroyed his whole family. 

How did you NOT get caught up?

He was scared of his mom. 

Did you know you were gonna to be successful?

Even when he was broke he felt successful. 

What did you do before music? 

Sold weed. Weed trimer. Worked at Ralphs. Worked at Vans. Assisting older people. But always writing music. 

How do you feel about Lil Xan creating a tribute album for Mac Miller?

That's great, he made one for ColdPlay. He doesn't really criticize. If it's not for you, it's not for you. If you find something for you then that's good. He doesn't wanna be the old dude who talks trash about other music. Beyonce had him on her playlist. What's on your playlist: he has a gangsta playlist, traditional Andy playlist.

What would be on your phone that would surprise us?

Blac Yungstaa. 

What do you hope that people get out of Oxnard?

A good time. Hopefully you have speakers that are worth this SHIT. He has everything on there & it's him and Dre. Some people are here to build and some are here to destroy, he wants to build people up. thank you for coming in the Neighborhood. He grew up to Big Boy, he's a legend.  

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