Why Did Cardi B Hire A Private Investigator??

After the release of her track "Money" Cardi sat down for an interview with Apple. In the interview she mentioned that a bonus version of "Invasion of Privacy" is coming in the next couple months. 

“Maybe in December or just maybe January. I don’t know. It’s just songs that I felt were really good songs that didn’t make the album.”

She also said that a tour will happen next year! Her people are finalizing the details right now. 

Another big moment was her revealing how much money she passed up for not selling photos of Kulture..

“I can show you screenshots of comments […] Who are these people threatening my child?” she said. “It’s just really disgusting, disturbing things. We just don’t want to show our baby right now. I got offered seven figures [to show Kulture], but I’m just not ready yet.”

Cardi said that the messages and threats she got so bad that she hired a private investigator to figure out who was sending the messages! 

That's crazy! Hopefully the threats have stopped! 


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