Kim Kardashian Asked Kanye For Backup Sperm Incase They Broke Up

In a teaser clip for 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians,' Kim revealed that there was one point where she wasn't sure if she would last in her relationship with Kanye West. 

The situation was brought up in a conversation with her friend, Lara Pippen, Kourtney Kardashian and ex Scott Disick would like more children: “They don't even have to have sex. It could be like IVF!" Kim joked. 

Her reasoning for this was from her own experience with Kanye. While pregnant with North, Kim had doubts their relationship would make it, but even if they didn't last as a couple she still would want Kanye to be the father of her kids:

"I mean, I would want all my four kids with the same person. When I got pregnant with North, I had no idea if Kanye and I were going to end up together. I was like, 'We can break up, but let me just at least have some sperm so I can have another one,' so I could have siblings and then it will be all good."

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