J. Cole Speaks On XXXTentacion, The Trouble With Fame, & Young Rappers

J. Cole doesn't "live life like a celebrity" and that also include doing interviews, he doesn't like them but does do that.

 As he mentioned in his interview with Billboard, "I live very low key but also accessible."

I love J. Cole, it's a fact. I respect what he stands for, I love his music and the message that he's sending to the public.

I always tell people to go to a J. Cole concert, fan or not. You will enjoy any show that he's on.

"What keeps you from sharing your opinions on Twitter?"

"If I’m in a conversation with somebody and it’s natural and it’s organic, I’m going to speak freely. But rarely do I feel the need to hop on Twitter or social media and chime in, especially on rap and music shit. This shit is not real. This shit is fucking fake. This shit is high school. This shit is fucking celebrity worship. In college, we had this running joke that all our meetings of the Black Student Union -- that I ended up becoming president of, but I was just a member my freshman and sophomore years -- always eventually ended up talking about Jay-Z. No matter what black topic, social issue or community shit we was talking about, somebody brought up fucking Jay-Z. It never failed." - J. Cole

This interview with Billboard is so RAW!

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