Fans at Cubs game yell racial slurs at Latinos WOW

I been to so many sports events and there is always one drunk idiot who starts a fight. I understand the loyalty and passion for your team but too much is too much. You have to understand that there is kids, families and innocent fans who are there to enjoy their team play. I don't know how this started but the part where the guy yells racial slurs at latinos on a "Hispanic Heritage Night" game amplifies this and shows what America has become. I feel that there is separation in this Country now and people feel they have the right to treat people a certain way. It's been happening but now with technology it is being captured and exposed. You can get mad at someone and curse each other out but when you yell out racial slurs to any person that has to come from a deep part of you. This is not the way the way treat people and I hope whoever these guys are that the world now knows that they are racist. The girl yelling out "You will never know how this feels" shows you that this wasn't the first time she has been discriminated against. I hope the Cubs ban these guys from games for life, I hope their friends are disgusted, I hope they get fired from work and I hope their parents are completely embarrassed and disappointed. 

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