Amber Rose Throws Shade At Kanye Over His Song "I Love It" With Lil Pump

Remember when Kanye West and Amber Rose were the hottest couple in the game? They were so cute... until they broke up and it got NASTY! 

Kanye recently dropped a new song/video with Lil Pump called "I Love It" and personally... I LOVE IT! It's great. It's a great listen. It's fun. It's a fun song.

Amber Rose wouldn't agree with me if she was reading this and I say this because she took her thoughts to Instagram and shaded her ex-boyfriend Kanye!

“Two men made a song that said “you’re such a f*cking hoe I love it” but if I refer to myself as a hoe, take back any derogatory label and turn it into a positive or be confident in my sexuality in anyway, muf*ckas need 30 showers. And I’m literally the evilest person on earth yet everyone wants to take my f*cking swag but look down on me?

“Sh*ts annoying af But I’ll continue to be A trendsetter and help women - The Real Bad Guy”

See the full post below:

Are you team Amber?

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