What does Canelo have over GGG? He said...[Listen]

I got a chance to talk to Saul Canelo Alvarez about his upcoming fight with Gennady Golovkin on Sept. 15 in Las Vegas. Some of the key questions were...

How Personal is this fight for you?

"It’s a natural Rivalry and it’s very personal for me because of what everything was said and those who opened their mouth and said something about me that makes it very personal to me and I’m going to use all that with intelligence so the fight can be more powerful but with intelligence so I can win."

What does Canelo have that GGG doesn’t have? Who hits harder mayweather or Triple G?

"It’s a lot things, I’m a fighter that knows how to improvise, how to counter punch, how to move, how to think in the ring and change things from one fight to a different type of fight. It’s definitely Triple G!'

What Message Do you have to your Fans?

"First of all I just want to say thank you for all your support and I hope Sept 15 they are also there like always with good vibes because I feel it’s a important fight for my fans and Mexico and it’s going to go down in Mexican Boxing History."

In my personal Opinion we need to throw the age thing out the window because we know GGG can handle a young Canelo, we saw that in the first fight. Canelo has to prove that he can beat GGG without any kind of substance in him that is questionable. The testing positive drama really made a lot of boxing fans and Canelo question if he tried to cheat. It's been a good amount of time for Canelo to train and focus and go into this fight ready to fight. I keep hearing that he expects a KO and he will win this fight. Let's talk about GGG and is 1 year off going to be the factor that goes against his favor? Or did it give him time to prepare even more and come out stronger than the 1st match? Yup, I don't know either. GGG is a slight favorite and hope we do see a clear winner with a KO? but it's Boxing and Vegas so anything can happen, even a draw again. SMH. 

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