Has Beyonce Picked a Side? Cardi B or Nicki?!

It's possible to love both but now a days it does feel like you have to pick a side when it comes to Cardi B & Nicki Minaj! And some fans believe Beyonce has finally revealed to fans that she has picked a side! So as you know Beyonce & Jay-Z are on the "On the Run II" Tour - and while Jay-Z performs 99 Problems he shows a series of celebrity mugshots, including Nicki's! 

Now this isn't why fans think Beyonce picked Nicki...they think it because it was the FIRST time Beyonce shared this photo on her own website! Beyonce.com 

Some people think this is Beyonce's subtle way of showing her fans that she is Team Nicki! 

We know the two have worked together before and have supported each other but we can understand if B wants to stay neutral in all this! 

Cardi did send a small Jab to Nicki when she showed off the crowd at Beyonce & Jay-Z's tour listening to Bodak Yellow!

So what do YOU think? Is Beyonce trying to send us a hint???

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