Rich The Kid Says His Lady Is Badder Then Rihanna & Kim Kardashian!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Rich The Kid no longer needs the plug to get a girl. While in New York the 26-year-old rapper was looking quite comfortable with his main girl Tori Brixx. Rich The Kid hardly ever posts anything on his Instagram but he sure was in his feelings when he posted a picture with Tori. The original caption of the photo gained a lot of attention when it read: "She badder than Rihanna and Kim K but im no Kanye." After a short while, Rich The Kid edited the post. 

This power couple has had some crazy ups and downs especially when people said that Tori set up a home invasion at Rich The Kid’s house. People claimed she was bad news but Rich The Kid didn't listen. He stood by Tori's side and he felt sorry for her since she was beaten up and bruised during the altercation. 


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