Seriously, What Is Going On With Post Malone?!

You would think one guy had a enough to deal with after an emergency plane landing and a car accident where his car was towed away but nope! Just last night Post Malone's house was broken into!! Now this might not have been as scary as the other two, BUT whenever someone comes into your house, it's VERY scary...especially if you're there! 

HOWEVER, this is Post Malone so you know there is always a twist, turns out the guys who were trying to Rob Post, went to the wrong house!!!

According to TMZ, three guys broke into Post Malone's old house, according to the home owner, the guy kept shouting for Post Malone, but Post of course wasn't there because he no longer lived there! The home owner got pistol whipped! They also said because they kept asking for Post they knew the rapper was being targeted! 

TMZ also said "And, get this ... cops are trying to determine if the hit is tied to another celebrity home invasion just hours later. TMZ broke the story ... suspects stole a safe from a home where Rae Sremmurd was staying."

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