Logic Confesses Something Big On New Track!

He has been very busy lately, announcing a new album Young Sinatra IV - and then asking fans to be a part of the album by leaving him voice messages talking about what his music means to you! 

And now he’s dropped a new single - Everybody die. On the track he reveals he has a LOT of unreleased music!

I got more verses than the Holy Bible, motherfucker'

Cause I'm sittin' on five, unreleased albums

Greatest of all time, no lyin', that's the outcome

Ok at one point Bobby said he was going to release one more album and then be done, but of course confessed to Big Boy that he was just trolling us, so this is amazing to know he has a lot more where this came from! 

I also like the part of the track where he says...

Like the rappers claim to hate me, but they stan me

I said these rappers claim to hate me, but they motherfucking stan me

They hate what I represent, but bitch I am me

Get it Logic!!!!

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