Fans Think Kanye Dissed Drake On His New Song With Lil Pump

Do Kanye and Drake have the beef of the year?

If you want my opinion, I wouldn't give it to them AT ALL. I think Nicki & Travis win that for 2018.

But let's talk about Kanye West dropping new music with Lil Pump called 'I Love It', at the Pornhub Awards in Los Angeles.

Side Note: I had no idea Pornhub had an award show. That in itself is news to me!

For starters, I really like this song and the video is hilarious to me!

Some fans think Kanye dissed Drake on the track:

Before these rumors get carried away, I would like to point out that I don't believe Kanye was dissing Drake at all in ANY WAY! 

You start a family when the condom slips... that's all! 

Enjoy the song & carry on!

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