Shocking Video Shows Child W/ Down Syndrome Being Forced To Smoke Weed

This video makes me so mad. 

ANYBODY would be furious if this happened to their child!! 

Imanda and Josh Greenhaus are no different when it comes to their 8-year-old son, Brican Greenhaus who has Down Syndrome.

Two teens from New Mexico were baby sitting Brican when they abused him. The two were identified as Lindsey Moss and Dallas Baron by cops.

The teens were seen forcing Brican to smoke weed and later filmed themselves throwing an empty five-gallon water jug at the boy's head!

According to reports, the boys father sent this video to cops in June and they were charged with "numerous offenses." 

(Amanda Greenhaus Facebook Post)

Please do a background check in every way you possibly can before letting someone watch your child!

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