Khloe Claps Back At Fan Who Thinks She Forgot About Tristan Cheating


Remember when news came about Tristan cheating on pregnant Khloe Kardashian?

My heart broke so much for her, she was pregnant with her first child and the love of her life was out with other women... writing that out makes me mad ALL OVER again!

But it seems like she's been trying to work things out with him. Fans feel like she completely forgave him and forgot that he ever cheated on her in such... messed up way! (don't get me wrong, cheating in general is messed up but when you're pregnant? Makes me so sad.)

If you're one of the fans who feel that Khloe forgot about Tristan cheating, I'm here to prove you wrong. She hasn't forgotten it at all and she wants us to know!


I hope everything works out for the best for their family. As long as they're happy.



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