Tyga Slams Kylie On Nicki Minaj's "Queen Radio"

Tyga normally doesn't speak on his ex Kylie Jenner but yesterday seemed to be a little out of the ordinary. 

For starters when he was asked if he misses his ex, Kylie Jenner, he said: "Nah, I'm good love. Enjoy."

Things got really interesting when Nicki asked Tyga if he feels responsible for putting Kylie Jenner on the map. He said she did have a platform before him but played a big role in her image.

"You gotta look at the before and after. She always had a platform. She was always destined to be what she was gonna be. But when I stepped in... it was like, 'you can do this, you should do this, you should start doing your hair like this... you need black people to f*ck with you cause you need culture'... I had a lot to do with all that."

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