The Rock Lands his Dream Job! What Is It?!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson never lets anyone put him in a box! He went from football player to wrestler to actor to taking over the world!! And now The Rock has landed the biggest role of his life! Dwayne will play the first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii - King Kamehameha. He was the first ruler to conquer and unite all the islands of Hawaii in the 1700's. 

There are a lot of legends surrounding the story of King Kamehameha but Dwayne plans to bring the true story of the ruler. The movie will be called "The King." The movie will also be directed by Robert Zemeckis who directed epic movies like Forrest Gump, the Back to the Future Trilogy and Cast Away

According to Deadline... 

"Last year, the road to The King really took shape in Hawaii, when a Hawaiian Kahu (priest) held a ceremony and blessed the project, Johnson, Wallace and Garcia."

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