Kanye Speaks On Drake Beef

If you were on Twitter this morning then you probably saw Kanye West was trending.. obviously, I wondered WHAT WAS GOING ON!

He paid a surprise visit to Chicago's WGCI radio station Wednesday morning. He was completely honest and open about EVERYTHING!

He spoke on his comments about slavery on TMZ and the Pusha T/Drake beef. There were rumors swirling around that Kanye was the guy who told Pusha T about Drake's son but Kanye denied all of that. 

He said, “Don’t pull me into the conversation. I didn’t. I’m a family man, I got better things to do. People hang around your family and be in your house and then they get mad about a beat and send purple demon emojis.”

If you're wondering what "beat" he's talking about is from "Lift Yourself," which he released back in June. 

A few days ago Drake dissed Kanye during his concert!

Kanye did say these two will reconcile because they've go "work to do."


More info: Genius.com

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