Fans Go Crazy After Cardi B Releases Her Own "Sex Tape"

Did Cardi B release a sex tape with Offset?

Chill out, it probably exists somewhere but no, it's not on the internet (right now.)

So fans started freaking out after she posted a video on Instagram that looked like she was getting... PLEASURED by her HUSBAND!

Fans think this is the kind of thing she should be keeping to herself and shouldn't be posting it on social media. What about her young fans?

Here's my two cents, if you don't like her for her then you don't have to be a fan but she's more than an artist, she's a personality and she always has been.

One thing I love about Cardi B is that she's always keeping it so real, always! 

Here's what she had to say about the video:

She does what she WANTS!

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