Rae Sremmurd's Swae Lee Gets His Lip Busted by a Fan

Swae Lee is not so happy these days after a fan threw something on stage at a concert while he was performing in Dallas. 

While opening for Wiz Khalifa, someone threw an object on stage "like a baseball," and it hit him in the face and busted his lip. It may have knocked out a tooth, something he said himself.

No one really knows what was thrown, but an eyewitness says it was a phone or wallet. Swae tried to read the person's name out loud, but was stopped and taken off the stage.

Swae later tweeted the fan was a girl, ,and he's thinking about suing.  

Wait, wrong tweet... that tweet came after the suing. 

Relax Grammar Police he fixed himself: 

No tour is still continuing: 

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