Did Tiffany Haddish Make A Bad Decision?!

The last couple years have been amazing for Tiffany Haddish, she has been living out her dreams. She wrote a book, hosted SNL, Hosted the MTV Movie Awards, stars in a TV show and took Will Smith on a Swamp tour! And it's all because of two things...hard work and her role in "Girls Trip" - that was her break out role and helped open a lot of doors! 

Tiffany went to wearing one dress three times at different Hollywood events, to wearing three outfits at the MTV VMAS! - Get it girl!!!! 

Well ever since Girls Trip dropped fans were asking if there would be a second one! Now it's finally happening! Check out what Regina Hall said about a possible sequel. 

YAY!! Ok but here is my thing...most sequels SUCK!! We all wanted another "Hangover" and then the sequel came out and it was just ok! I really don't need to go into other sequels that sucked, but here is how the girls can avoid the sequel curse! 

1. The story better be on point! Don't just write a bunch of laughs and build a story around that!

2. Don't go over board with outrageous moments! This is the biggest mistake sequels do, they take your favorite parts and try and replicate them and add ten more. 

3. Don't make the whole movie about Tiffany - what I loved about Girls Trip was the Flosse Posse! All the women were equal! 


Jada's character should be getting re-married and she is having a bachelorette party and she wants a calm weekend camping or something but of course because the other girls are planning it, it becomes another crazy Girls Trip! Can we also get a Will Smith cameo?!

(If that's what Girls Trip 2 is about now I have proof I wrote it!!!! HAHA)

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