Offset "So Mad" At Cardi B During The VMAs


This is going to have a happy ending so prepare yourself to smile.

Cardi B kicked off the 2018 MTV VMAs Monday night and she trolled us all including her own husband, Offset. She walked on stage with what seemed to be her bundle of joy... but we were all WRONG. 

She was carrying the moon man award in her arms! (Video below)

Fans have patiently waiting to get a glimpse of their baby girl, Kulture.

 It looks like we'll have to wait a little longer because last night when we all thought Cardi was gonna show her baby we got excited!

We got excited but Offset wouldn't be too happy if that happened according to Cardi B!

Cardi B Had a "Surprise" With Her At The VMAs
Cardi B Had a "Surprise" With Her At The VMAs
Cardi B decided to surprise fans at the VMAs.


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