Are G-Eazy & Halsey Back Together?!

So you remember a few months ago Halsey announced that she and G-Eazy were taking some time apart and she wished him the best! But looks like the pair are done spending time apart because they were spotted post VMAS! Now here's the thing - Halsey did NOT go to the VMAS - check out her tweet below!


But we know that G-Eazy did - he even introduced a performance. But seems like two months part was just what they needed! However I doubt you'll see anything from them on IG soon. The two were spotted leaving 1 Oak at 4am! 


I personally thought they made a cute couple and we don't know exactly why they broke up, but sometimes people make mistakes and they need some space! So here's to them hopefully figuring out how to make it work!! CLICK HERE to see the picture!! 


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