Chance The Rapper Defends Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The internet hasn't been the nicest to Nicki Minaj lately and some are in their feelings thinking that she deserves it. I mean lets not forget she did put her ex Safaree under the bus when she teased him about his hairline and put Tyga on blast out of nowhere. But today Charlanagne Tha God named Nicki Minaj the Donkey of the day and while the world was out teasing Nicki, Chance The Rapper came to her defense when he tweeted "I cant imagine what it’d be like to literally not be able to show yo frustrations with actual inequities and subjugation. Without being called bitter or angry or a liar or crazy. Mfs a literally tell a BW “I feel u but u not goin about it the right way”... what?"



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