Drake Disses Kanye West During Performance!

Shots were fired at Kanye West during Drakes performance in Chicago. Now if you don't know why Drake would diss Kanye West I will help bring you up to speed. A couple months back Pusha T and Drake were dissing each other. Pusha broke the internet when he broke the news that drake had fathered a baby. Rumor has is that Kanye West was Pusha T's source during this feud. Chicago is Kanye West's home town so I guess Drake thought this was the perfect opportunity to diss Kanye West. Drake was said to have Ghostwriters on his song "Know Yourself". In this song Drake normally raps "Then Kanye dropped, it was polos and backpacks/ Man, that was when Ethan was pushin' a Subaru hatchback," Drake changed the lyrics to "Then Kanye flopped." Instantly the crowd started to boo Drake. Idk what Drake was thinking clearly Chi town has love for Mr. West! See the video below...



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