You Won't Believe What This Guy Did to a Military Man! [WATCH]


Just want to give a shoutout to the gentleman that paid it forward in this video at the iconic sneaker outpost, RIF Los Angeles. Read the story that was shared via the shop's instagram account. Have you ever paid it forward or had it happen to you?

The young man asked if we had a military discount, we stated if he had cash we can definitely give him a better deal, but he only had a credit card. The older gentleman who was already getting rung up overheard everything and secretly told us to add the other guys shoes to his tab but to not say anything till he left. He couldn’t believe it! He said no one has ever done that for him and just made his day. Bigger than shoes 🙏🏾 *check out the 2nd video where he finds out #RIFLA #RIFOC#RIFSF #GPHGP


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