Who Spanked Rosie The Hippo?! [WATCH]


You would think that after the unfortunate loss of Harambe, a silverback gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo that was fatally shot after a child jumped into his enclosure people would learn to respect these animals. A child can be forgiven but this idiot that is now on the LAPD's radar decided to jump into the hippopotamus pin and slap Rosie the hippo in her butt and then just out. The suspect is on the run but is lucky Rosie did't crush his skull like a watermelon! A spokeswoman for the LA Zoo said, "Any unauthorized interaction with an animal is unsafe for the animal and potentially unsafe for the patron," said April Spurlock, a zoo spokeswoman. "It is never appropriate for anyone to attempt to have contact or interaction with any animal outside of our staff-led animal experiences."


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