Did Cardi B Pay Dj's For Air Time?

So we all know Cardi B and Funk Flex have been having some tension going on this year. It all started when Flex gave Cardi a hard time over her not writing her own lyrics. Personally I don't see the big deal we all know rappers like Drake, Kanye West, Iggy Azalea and Meek Mill don't write their own music. I mean if you even want to get into the Goats of Hip Hop their is also Dr Dre, Eazy E and Jay-Z all have had Ghost Writers! But for some reason Funk Flex Felt the need to talk bad about her. Then when Cardi B said she was the King of New York, Funk Flex didn't like that so much because he himself is from New York. So now Funk Flex says when Cardi B was starting off her team paid Dj's to play her music and get air time. He claims to have emails to prove that she paid Djs. 




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