Rihanna Reportedly Likes That Chris Brown's Still Obsessed With Her

Rihanna Reportedly Loves That Chris Brown's Still Obsessed With Her

 Some women may be annoyed if their ex was still obsessed with them, but not Rihanna. 

According to a source close to the singer, Rihanna is well aware that Chris Brown is still constantly drooling over her, and she loves it. The two share a lot of mutual friends, and apparently, everyone knows that Chris Brown would take back Rihanna if given the chance. 

While this flatters Rihanna, she has moved on. But that doesn't stop her from thinking about the good times they shared as a couple and knowing he still wants her makes her feel good. 

Wonder who Chris Brown was talking about here... *curious emoji*

Would you get annoyed or enjoy someone being in love with you?

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