Is Cardi B Pregnant... Again?!

Cardi B and Offset are two of my favorite celebrity couples right now, they're so in love and open about it! I love it and I love their music!

Let's get on with this rumor of Cardi B being pregnant, again.

There's this page called CommentsByCelebs where you literally see what most of your favorite celebrities comment on Instagram. 

Cardi B slid into Offset's comments and said, "Deum dadd you fine as hell i hope your wallet go condoms in it....wait ... forget it too late." the first part is a line from her song "She Bad" feat. YG. The second part "forget it too late" has fans wondering if she's implying she's pregnant again!

Personally, I feel people may be reaching, but it's possible because she loves being a mom!

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